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BigProfiles obtains ISO 27001 Certification

The level of compliance with the ISO International Standards is becoming increasingly important in SaaS and BigProfiles is one of the few italian startups to receive this certification. “This is a very important milestone for us – says Lorenzo Luce, CEO of BigProfiles – in addition to being a guarantee of the security of our systems, this certification represents an assurance for our customers’ data”

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Five steps to level up your Cold Outbound campaigns

Despite being one of the few ways for companies to be known from potential customers, Cold Outbound Campaigns  posses some characteristics that can turn out to be harmful. In fact, if its true that their massive volumes make it possible to reach an incredible amount of contacts, the cost investment results elevated and results in terms of ROI and Conversion Rates very low.

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Outbound campaigns and brand image: how Artificial Intelligence allows you to relieve market pressure without decreasing sales

The relationship between a company and its customers have now taken on an increasingly central dimension in business strategies: feedback and consumer opinions are fundamental and can affect the reputation and brand image of any company, from the largest to the smallest.

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How to maximize the Conversion Rate of Click to Call, Call me Back and Customer Service to Sales campaigns

Whether it is for consumer interest on a product or simply to assist when solving a problem, all incoming contacts from Click to Call, Call me Back and Customer Service to Sales campaigns have the potential to significantly increase the Conversion Rate of the company, so they should be exploited to the maximum.

CRM and AI to Increase your Sales

The role of Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly important in the Sales Sector. One of the biggest implementations is taking place in CRMs, the very system that facilitates sales but is often not optimized enough to do so independently. Thanks to the combination of CRM and Artificial Intelligence, in the near future we will see these transformations where they are most impactful and able to change the way we are used to looking at a CRM.

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Artificial Intelligence in the industry of Debt Collection

Other sectors still use less innovative tools to proceed with their activities and certainly among these we find the credit recovery sector. For those who work in Credit Management it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of their loan portfolio, only in this way will they be able to identify the correct actions to be taken, optimizing resources and recovery times.

Telemarketing and Telesales: what to choose to increase sales?

The phone is the hub around which much of our daily activities revolve. Over the years its appearance, its technology and the ways in which we use it have changed, but the marketing activities that involve it are the same. Telemarketing and Telesales are still among the best sales channels and manage to turn a simple contact into a customer.
Telemarketing and teleselling are often considered interchangeable activities, but they have unique values that, once understood, can make the difference in the success of a campaign.

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Employee Retention: the secret to a successful Contact Centre

Employees are the lifeblood of all businesses and in every sector of the business, ensuring their satisfaction means increasing the efficiency of their work; there are activities that encourage this constant flow, and they are called Employee Retention.

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Risks in telesales at the time of the coronavirus

Staff shortages and declining sales, the growing negative feeling in the population towards the brand that continues its contact activity, are the major problems of telesales in the time of the Coronavirus. We have already talked about how the drastic reduction in staff due to the current pandemic has affected contact centres and all those locations where telesales operators work. Where there used to be three operators, suddenly only one person can work.

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Telesales: the 5 strategies that lead to sales

If done in the right way, teleselling is still one of the best ways to generate new sales. There are several strategies to apply in this field, which vary according to the sector concerned; we have selected here the 5 teleselling strategies (and a few tricks) that will allow you to complete your business objectives!