Propensity to buy at your fingertips.

BigProfiles will predict the purchase probability of your web leads and cold prospects.

Your hot leads are not all created equal - Score web leads in real time

Even in high-performing campaigns, some leads will be 10x more likely to convert than others. BigProfiles identifies high-propensity leads in real-time.

Prioritize high propensity leads in the queue

Enough with the first in first out strategy. Contact your queue of warm leads in order of likelihood of purchase predicted by BigProfiles.

Your click-to-call campaign needs a breakthrough

Improve call-back and click-to-call campaigns by predicting conversion probability of each lead.

Boost cold outbounding with the power of Artificial Intelligence

Tackle cold prospects and low conversion rates by letting BigProfiles identify in advance the prospects that will not buy.

Cut costs on prospects that will not convert

Eliminate or reduce costs dedicated to prospects with a near-zero probability to buy. Save money and time while getting the same conversions.

Buy only on-target cold prospects lists

Stop buying prospects lists sight unseen. Predict the purchase probability of each prospect in a list and buy only the high-propensity ones.

From now on, your best salespeople will only call high-propensity leads

Both in cold and hot outbound or inbound campaigns, you don't want your top performing salespeople to waste their time on low-propensity prospects.

Assign your best salespeople to cold prospects and hot leads that are more likely to buy

In this way the overall sales will increase. In fact, let the less experienced salespeople process the remaining prospects.

Watch how Armatis increased sales by 44%

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