Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Churn Sales Debt Collection  Cross-Selling

Predict the propensities of each of your customers and empower your CRM with Artificial Intelligence

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Predict the behaviour of your clients

Bigprofiles provides a predictive score for the behaviour of each client in a campaign whether it is Acquisition, Anti-churn, Cross selling or Debt collection

Predict the behaviour of your clients

BigProfiles fornisce uno scoring predittivo per ogni comportamento dei clienti in campagne di Acquisition, Anti-Churn, Cross-Selling o Credit Collection.


Train and run your predictive model by simply connecting your CRM

The future of your campaigns in one platform

Sales & Acquisition

Predict the purchase probability of each lead or prospect in a sales or acquisition campaign

Anti-Churn & Retention

Calculate the churn probability and Customer Lifetime Value of each client in your CRM

Churn Rate
Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Identify the right product for each client in you CRM

Conversion Rate
Debt Collection & NPL

Predict the recovery probability and expected recovery value of each debt.

Recovery Rate

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Francesco G.
Data scientist Telecommunications
"Reliability and precision "
Bruno C.
Information services manager
"A win-win solution"
Andrea M
Business process specialist Telecommunications
"Excellent and quick solution for prioritising contact lists"
Davide M.
PMO Manager

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