The AI autopilot for predictive analytics

Autonomous, scalable and streamlined end-to-end predictive modeling, from data cleaning to real-time predictions

Let BigProfiles model and predict

For each predictive model, BigProfiles performs data cleaning, tests dozens of Machine Learning algorithms and trains the best one, deploys the model and integrates it in real time with your systems

Upgrade your business team with predictive analytics

No data science team? Our platform allows marketing, CRM and business analyst teams leverage predictive analytics at data-scientist grade.

Empower your data science team

Rocket fuel for your data scientists: BigProfiles is the autopilot for predictive modeling and MLOps.

The power of automatic machine learning

Train a predictive model just by plugging in your CRM

Whether it's purchase or churn, each behaviour you want to predict needs its own predictive model. By connecting your CRM, BigProfiles's automatic machine learning algorithms will create, train and deploy a predictive model for you - you are just few clicks away, no need for code.

Real time scoring with continuous updates

Run the predictive model to score customers directly in your CRM

The predictive model will score each one of your customers, leads or debtors in real time. BigProfiles will automatically retrain the model over time to keep it up to date, and will continously update the scorings in your CRM.

Minutes for a model, not weeks

That's it. Forget Python, let BigProfiles do the work for you.

BigProfiles will take care of all the work: feature engineering, algorithm choosing, backtesting, deploying, real time integration.

What sets BigProfiles apart from the competition?

Autonomous data cleaning and feature engineering

Cleaning and analysing datasets takes a lot of time. BigProfiles will take care of sparse and highly unbalanced datasets, imputation of missing values, free text, dates and geographical feature extraction, data drift, PCA, collinearity and much more, providing the best dataset for your model.

Complex multi-tables relationships and time windows

BigProfiles autonomously aggregates the features of secondary tables in one-to-many relationships (e.g. a table containing several payments over time for each customer) and creates rolling time windows to model temporal phenomena (e.g. a customer who suddenly churns after 5 years).

Auto Machine Learning.
For real.

BigProfiles trains and tests dozens of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms and chooses the best one through stratified cross validation, temporal cross validation, custom datasets validation and much more.

MLOps made easy: model deployment, APIs, periodic predictions, auto-retraining

BigProfiles seamlessly integrates with your databases or CRM. With BigProfiles you can import training datasets in one click, leverage real-time APIs, setup periodic predictions and automate periodic model retraining.

Enterprise-grade predictive analytics at scale

Deploy thousands of models, predict billions of records, connect dozens of data sources. Clone models to perform fine tuning, micro-model every behaviour, every campaign, every phenomenon.

Minutes to get a benchmark model and a data health check

You can use BigProfiles' model as your benchmark, and you can always refine its choices and impose your own decisions. BigProfiles will also provide you an accurate data health check report that lists all the critical issues and gaps in your data.

Dashboarding, analytics and reports in one click

Data visualization has never been easier. BigProfiles automatically builds a data analytics dashboard, which is fully customizable and allows you to see correlations between your data and the target variable at a glance.

Certified cybersecurity, GDPR compliance, optional on-premises installation

BigProfiles is certified ISO 27001, is GDPR-compliant, offers an on-premises installation option, automatically encrypts all the data and let you setup an optional periodic data deletion.

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