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Propensity to buy at your fingertips. BigProfiles will predict the purchase probability of your web leads and cold prospects. How it works Your hot leads are not all created equal – Score web leads in real time Even in high-performing campaigns, some leads will be 10x more likely to convert than others. BigProfiles identifies high-propensity […]

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Predict customers behaviour Predict purchases, churn, cross-selling, debt repayments and much more with Artificial Intelligence. How it works The power of automatic machine learning Train a predictive model just by plugging in your CRM Whether it’s purchase or churn, each behaviour you want to predict needs its own predictive model. By connecting your CRM, BigProfiles […]

How Artificial Intelligence allows for the optimization of debt collection services of banking and insurance companies

The current economic and commercial instability is playing an increasingly important role in the world of debt collection, with particular reference to companies in the banking and insurance sector.During the pandemic crisis, both of these sectors provided the necessary liquidity to companies to relaunch themselves, but now, with the challenges arising from the increasingly uncertain geopolitical and economic situation, they must be prepared to face the growing difficulties that are arising as a result of the struggles of individuals and companies to pay their debts.

Cross-selling and Artificial Intelligence: how to enhance your Customer Base

The relationship between a consumer and a company does not end at the moment of conversion, rather, it can be said that this moment is only the beginning. From the company’s efforts to try to acquire new customers, we move on to all those activities and strategies that need to be implemented to keep the newly acquired customer tied to the brand and to increase their Customer Lifetime Value, by trying to sell them complementary products that meet their needs.

Artificial Intelligence and Lead Generation: a winning combination

All companies, large or small, have the need to find new customers in order to increase revenues and strengthen themselves within their reference market, consequently it is necessary to implement strategies capable of responding to this need in the best possible way without excessively burdening the company’s finances.

Telcos, AI and Telesales: optimising campaigns while reducing market pressure

Telecommunications is a constantly changing and highly competitive sector that, since the liberalization of the market in the late 90s, has become the protagonist of a massive growth that has led to a multiplication (sometimes uncontrolled) of telecommunications operators that today sees the giants of the sector share the market with a myriad of other competitors, often newer and coming from heterogeneous markets (examples in this sense are, for the Italian market, 1voce owned by Carrefour or Green Mobile that in addition to dealing with telephone services is provider of Electricity and Gas).

Telco and Debt Collection: how to best implement it in 2023

The Telco sector is no exception and, although it has been able to find some benefit in the need to rethink work-life with a view to a greater digital presence and smart-working, was faced with new challenges related to the economic crisis and the increasing competitiveness in the market. All this has resulted from the rapid birth of new competitors who have given rise to a real price war, in which every company needs to continuously rethink their strategies in order to maintain their acquired market share without losing service quality.