Artificial intelligence and data analytics, the future of modern businesses

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There is no doubt that analytics and emerging technologies are essential to generating more value for businesses through data. But there is one essential aspect that runs through the entire process: trust in the data itself.

Just as sterilization is essential in clinical laboratories, trust in data is a prerequisite for generating value through analytics and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. Customers and partners who share data need to believe that it is safeguarded and will be used appropriately, starting from collection and moving through storage to its actual strategic and operational use. People within the organization need to be aware of the process by which data are managed, so that they trust the insights from the data and use them to make the right decisions and generate new value for the company.

However, in order to succeed in achieving high trust in data, both from customers and from employees within the organization, at least three basic steps are required:

  • Optimize data governance;
  • Maintain a high focus on data privacy;
  • Promote a culture of analytics that enables improved innovation.

In addition to this, certain organizational decisions, such as centralizing the analytics function, creating a Chief Data Officer or Chief Analytics Officer role, and using innovative Artificial Intelligence platforms for data analytics, can certainly help achieve greater maturity in terms of data analytics.

How to be able to achieve data analytics to meet all these needs?

As we mentioned above, this becomes possible by integrating artificial intelligence into one’s business, thus enabling automated decision making by combining data from millions of user interactions and providing an instantaneous view of how customers are being served and how their needs can be anticipated, thereby increasing retention levels and reducing the likelihood of churn.

Thanks to BigProfiles, an ISO 27001-certified Artificial Intelligence Platform, you can perform precise analyses of your own and your customers’ data both on premises and in the cloud, thanks to confidential servers, so you can harness the full power of AI in complete security, without burdening your business infrastructure.

Easy and intuitive, it is suitable for both industry experts and those with no knowledge in terms of coding, allowing both data scientist and operations and marketing teams to predict the behaviors of their prospects or customers within their CRM and set up models accordingly that can plot the best possible strategy to succeed in achieving their goals, whether they be acquisition, cross-selling, retention or debt collection.

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