Debt collection is easy if you know which debtors will pay.

Predict the collection probability of each debtor in a phone collection campaign or each loan or in an NPL portfolio.

Your phone collection campaign needs a propensity-based strategy.

Predict the probability of recovery of each debt and adopt an operative strategy in your call center accordingly.

Predict who will spontaneously pay their debt.

Around 20% of debtors in phone collection campaigns will pay the debt without any sollicictation. Identify these debtors in advance and cut costs by not contacting them.

Which one of your NPLs will be recovered out of court?

Predict out-of.court recovery probability of each NPL in your portfolio

Predict collection probability at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Target your actions to speed up collection and maximize value.

Predict the value of your NPL portfolio.

By predicting the collected value of each NPL, you can estimate the total future value of your portfolio.

Divide your portfolio into value-based segments.

Segment your portfolio into debt packages based on future recovered value.

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