Identify the right costumers.

BigProfiles identifies high-potential segments in your customer base to improve the targeting of your cross-selling, up-selling and win-back campaigns.

Which of your products is the best for Marco?

By comparing Marco's data with that of customers who have purchased your products, BigProfiles identifies which is the most suitable for him.

Propose the right product to each costumer.

Every customer in your CRM has unique needs. Offer each of them the product they are most likely to buy.

Turn your customer service into a sales channel

When thousands of customers are calling your customer service, take advantage of this by identifying in real time which ones are most likely to conclude a purchase.

Improve your Customer Service to Sales.

BigProfiles predicts the purchase probability while the customer is calling. Prioritise high propensity queues and direct them to your sales team.

The 10% of your customers who are most likely to buy will convert 10 times more than the others.

BigProfiles can identify the most targeted customer segments for each of your cross-selling campaigns.

Identify the most targeted customers in your CRM.

Extracting high-propensity customers from your CRM through Artificial Intelligence is better than manual selection.

Watch how Armatis increased sales by 44%

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