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Data Driven Strategies: business success through Artificial Intelligence

Each organization has the objective of studying and putting into practice strategies that enable it to reach its objectives and the top of its market. However, these strategies do not always prove to be effective and, in most cases, this is found within those organizations still attached to more traditional and vertical systems, which rely on strategies based on personal feelings or very often on incomplete analyses, unable to provide a complete picture of the constantly changing market or, more importantly, of what is required by consumers.

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Shaping the BPO of the future thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The Call Center market is constantly growing, valued at a global level of 91 billion dollars, it is expected that it will reach 150 billion dollars in 2031, and we don’t struggle to understand why: in a world where finding information is always easier, but at the same time increasingly anonymous, call centers represent a very important means of contact for companies, since they allow you to convey your brand image while maintaining human contact and allowing for the personalization of the experience.

Artificial IntelligenceDebt Collection
Phone Collection and Artificial Intelligence: how prioritizing lists facilitates the achievement of goals

Companies that work with debt collection, and especially Phone Collections, must be able to establish strategies that cope with different levels of difficulty, some related to the very nature of the debt to be recovered and others related to the debtor’s propensity to pay, or not to pay, their debt.

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Utilities and Teleselling: the future passes through Artificial Intelligence

The modern energy and utilities sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The end from the pandemic crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian war, with the consequent economic repercussions, require a rethinking of logic and a decisive turn towards a change that has been feared for many years and which today becomes more necessary than ever.

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The future of outbound campaigns using cold lead lists thanks to AI

BPOs that typically implement these kinds of campaigns on behalf of client companies, in addition to achieving the established sales goals, need to streamline the operations of their staff in order to beat their competition and increase their earnings. 

Artificial IntelligenceBPO
Here’s how to open a (successful) Call Centre in 2023

Customer service has changed compared to the past. The technologies and other tools necessary to open a Call Centre and make it work at its best are increasingly powerful and sophisticated and have led to increased expectations from both consumers and employees. All related activities, including Telesales, are no longer the same and we need to ensure they are always at their full potential.

Artificial IntelligenceDebt Collection
Debt collection: predict the behaviour of each debtor to increase the recovery rate of Phone Collection campaigns

Very often, the success of Debt Collection companies that carry out Phone Collection campaigns depends on the number of collections they manage to carry out in the shortest possible time or on the total economic value they manage to recover.

Artificial IntelligenceDebt Collection
Artificial Intelligence and Debt Recovery: Value Based Predictive Models

Any company that deals with debt recovery needs to know in-depth the positions that make up the list of debtors and the recoverable values associated with it, in order to be able to set up strategies that allow it to achieve the pre-set objectives in the shortest possible time. and with the best possible result.

Artificial IntelligenceCustomer Retention
Customer Retention: adopting an effective strategy for customer loyalty

Among the main objectives of all companies we find customer loyalty, being able to obtain it can be complicated, especially since customer retention is not created simply by the purchase of the product or service, but is a process that develops over time by passing through all points of contact between customer and company.

Artificial IntelligenceDebt Collection
Expert agents on complex recoveries: how Artificial Intelligence can make a difference in Phone Collection campaigns

Phone Collection campaigns are very complex and must take into account several variables that, if not addressed in the right way, can prevent or slow down the achievement of company objectives.

Artificial IntelligenceTelesales
Customer Care and Customer Service: the ace in the hole of sales

Customer Service and Customer Care are not only touchpoints by which we talk to the customer, but they can also become essential sales aids. With a direct line to the customer, their function of finding solutions, and providing a positive experience with the brand, these two company activities can in effect help create warm leads and set the stage for eventual up-selling or cross-selling actions if carried out in the right way.

Artificial IntelligenceTelesales
The right message to the right person: the Customer Service that sells

For the modern consumer, personalized services are more important than ever. According to Epsilon research, on a panel of 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 64, 80 percent said they are more willing to buy when they receive an offer customized to their needs. When Customer Service offers him something that fully reflects his needs of the moment, that phone call is no longer seen as a sale but as a solution to a need.

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