Artificial Intelligence and Telcos, the new scenarios of 2024 with Artificial Intelligence

Telecommunications companies today find themselves operating in a very complex environment, forcing them to make increasingly important strategic decisions that will define their business in the future.

In particular, there are four factors that influence this environment and have significant weight in defining their strategies:

  • The transition, already underway, from 4G to 5G and the rise of fiber broadband services, which require large investments in infrastructure.
  • The change in customer usage patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the outbreak in rapid succession of war in Ukraine and the Middle East, which have made it difficult to manage the quality of network services.
  • Rising unemployment, making it difficult for customers to pay their bills, as well as increased fraud.
  • The urgency to accelerate the delivery of personalized services for customers through online channels, whether mobile apps or other digital experiences.

In order to respond to this new reality, the starting point for strategic decision making must perforce take its cue from accurate real-time data analysis, that is, one that can assess business risk, improve customer experience, and manage the network more intelligently and resiliently.

This is all the more important at a time when customer expectations of telecommunications services have increased. Smart working, now increasingly “normalized” by businesses of all sizes, for example, requires more bandwidth at home for both the work and entertainment side.

For this reason, when interacting with telecom service providers, users expect service that maintains the same level of quality regardless of the channel they choose. Likewise, they want personalized service and assistance from a real person when they need phone or in-person support, as well as empathy when they encounter financial difficulties.

To meet and exceed customers’ expectations and reduce the risk of default, Telcos must be able to provide effective responses to each request and, in some cases, even manage to anticipate them, so that they can present themselves as the consumer’s first ally.

How is this possible?

By integrating artificial intelligence into your business, thus allowing you to automate decision making by combining data from millions of user interactions and providing instant insight into how customers are being served and how you can anticipate their needs, thereby increasing your retention levels and reducing the likelihood of churn.

How can you implement artificial intelligence within your company?

Thanks to BigProfiles, an Artificial Intelligence Platform designed to meet the needs of Telcos, you can perform precise analyses of your own data and that of your customers both on premises and in the cloud, thanks to confidential servers, so you can harness the full power of AI in complete security, without burdening your company’s infrastructure.

Easy and intuitive, it is suitable for both industry experts and those with no knowledge in terms of coding, allowing both data scientist and operations and marketing teams to predict the behaviors of their prospects or customers within their CRM and set up models accordingly that can plot the best possible strategy to succeed in achieving their goals, whether they be acquisition, cross-selling, retention or debt collection.

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