How to Use AI Predictive Models for Churn Prediction

What is AI Marketing and How Do Predictive Models Work AI marketing represents a revolution in the way companies interact with their customers. By using artificial intelligence, businesses can analyze large volumes of data to identify patterns and trends, thus improving the personalization and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Predictive Models Predictive models play a crucial […]

Revenue Churn, how to minimise it with Artificial Intelligence

Revenue Churn, how to minimise it with Artificial Intelligence The relationship between companies and consumers holds a central position in today’s market, which is increasingly marked by horizontal and two-way communication between users and product and/or service providers. For this reason, modern companies must be able to set up a process that is capable of […]

BigProfiles Platform

The AI autopilot for predictive analytics Autonomous, scalable and streamlined end-to-end predictive modeling, from data cleaning to real-time predictions Book a demo Let BigProfiles model and predict For each predictive model, BigProfiles performs data cleaning, tests dozens of Machine Learning algorithms and trains the best one, deploys the model and integrates it in real time […]

CRM and Artificial Intelligence: the winning combination for a future at the top of the market

Every modern company needs to adopt an increasingly customer centric approach, capable of listening to the needs and desires of consumers and considering their continuous evolution to respond proactively, thus ensuring the stability of its business. This becomes possible by offering a high-level customer experience capable of ensuring various advantages in both the short and long term. Customers who are satisfied with the products, purchase experience and after-sales service are loyal to the brand, a feature that will lead them to buy again and recommend the product to friends and relatives, as well as leave excellent feedback.

Utility and Anti-Churn: how to increase retention rate with Artificial Intelligence

In today’s liberalized and hyper-competitive energy market, one of the biggest challenges for utilities is to lower the churn rate. We have already discussed in this article how important it is to keep customers loyal to your brand, not only in terms of brand image, but also and above all in reference to company turnover. Today we will try to define how and why a utility today can succeed in retaining its consumers while increasing its revenues and without significantly affecting costs.

BigProfiles Platform

Predict customers behaviour Predict purchases, churn, cross-selling, debt repayments and much more with Artificial Intelligence. How it works The power of automatic machine learning Train a predictive model just by plugging in your CRM Whether it’s purchase or churn, each behaviour you want to predict needs its own predictive model. By connecting your CRM, BigProfiles […]