Churn prediction at its best

Predict churn probability, renewal propensity, Customer Lifetime Value and much more - in the right way.

You know some of your clients are about to churn. We know which ones.

You can't apply retention strategies to all your customers. Identify customers that are more likely to churn and do your best to retain them.

Predict churn probability at 30, 60 and 90 days.

Predict non-renewals, cancellations, unsubscriptions, purchase interruptions or usage interruptions.

The future Customer Lifetime Value of your customer is your compass

Predict the future value of each customer. Your best customers are not the ones that have purchased more, but the one that will purchase the most.

Pamper the 20% of your customers that will account for 80% of your future revenues.

Premium customer service, free gifts and discounts: it's never too much as long as you can retain the customers that will be the most valuable.

Joe's anti-churn score skyrocketed in one day. Take action now.

Monitor your customers' scores and trigger retention actions as soon as they change.

We'll tell you not only who, but also when.

BigProfiles will predict the churn scores of each customer on a daily basis to keep predictions up-to-date.

See how Intelcia increased retention by 66%.

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