Shaping the BPO of the future thanks to Artificial Intelligence

The Call Center market is constantly growing, valued at a global level of 91 billion dollars, it is expected that it will reach 150 billion dollars in 2031, and we don’t struggle to understand why: in a world where finding information is always easier, but at the same time increasingly anonymous, call centers represent a very important means of contact for companies, since they allow you to convey your brand image while maintaining human contact and allowing for the personalization of the experience.

Here’s how to open a (successful) Call Centre in 2023

Customer service has changed compared to the past. The technologies and other tools necessary to open a Call Centre and make it work at its best are increasingly powerful and sophisticated and have led to increased expectations from both consumers and employees. All related activities, including Telesales, are no longer the same and we need to ensure they are always at their full potential.

Artificial Intelligence and Debt Recovery: Value Based Predictive Models

Any company that deals with debt recovery needs to know in-depth the positions that make up the list of debtors and the recoverable values associated with it, in order to be able to set up strategies that allow it to achieve the pre-set objectives in the shortest possible time. and with the best possible result.

Customer Retention: adopting an effective strategy for customer loyalty

Among the main objectives of all companies we find customer loyalty, being able to obtain it can be complicated, especially since customer retention is not created simply by the purchase of the product or service, but is a process that develops over time by passing through all points of contact between customer and company.

CRM and AI to Increase your Sales

The role of Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly important in the Sales Sector. One of the biggest implementations is taking place in CRMs, the very system that facilitates sales but is often not optimized enough to do so independently. Thanks to the combination of CRM and Artificial Intelligence, in the near future we will see these transformations where they are most impactful and able to change the way we are used to looking at a CRM.

Telemarketing and Telesales: what to choose to increase sales?

The phone is the hub around which much of our daily activities revolve. Over the years its appearance, its technology and the ways in which we use it have changed, but the marketing activities that involve it are the same. Telemarketing and Telesales are still among the best sales channels and manage to turn a simple contact into a customer.
Telemarketing and teleselling are often considered interchangeable activities, but they have unique values that, once understood, can make the difference in the success of a campaign.

Telesales: the 5 strategies that lead to sales

teleselling, intelligenza articiale, AI Platform

If done in the right way, teleselling is still one of the best ways to generate new sales. There are several strategies to apply in this field, which vary according to the sector concerned; we have selected here the 5 teleselling strategies (and a few tricks) that will allow you to complete your business objectives!

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Features Artificial Intelligence Analytics Monitoring API & Integration Artificial Intelligence AI algorithms analyze the contacts provided, quickly identifying the most likely to purchase.   Analytics All data is processed and analyzed. A special feature makes all information easily available. Monitoring The data is constantly monitored through a feature created ad hoc. API & Integration Excel […]