BigProfiles: easy to use Artificial Intelligence

BigProfiles: easy to use Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence we immediately think of cutting-edge technologies, robots able to understand and decide the actions to be performed and a futuristic world in which machines and men coexist. Artificial Intelligence and its use are much more real than one might imagine and are used today in different sectors. However, these are less invasive uses than one thinks or what is often shown by science fiction films that have found in the theme of Artificial Intelligence the starting point for many successful series.

Many people believe that the use of intelligent systems is relegated to IT elites without thinking that, on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is also widely used in everyday life. For example, the various voice recognition tools that are regularly used, from smartphones to security systems, are based on algorithms typical of Artificial Intelligence, especially those related to machine learning. The use made of this tool in the automotive sector in cases of autonomous driving, for example, is very well known in the panorama of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Not only more and more technological products, however, because artificial intelligence is always finding new applications also in the organizational and strategic management fields, managing to carry out market analyzes that allow to set up the best strategies in every circumstance, regardless of acquisition, cross-selling or anti-churn scope.

Using Artificial Intelligence, it becomes possible, for example, to know which of the profiles you want to contact is the most inclined to buy a product, which of the products on sale is the most suitable for each potential customer or which is the best seller for be able to finalize the sale. In the same way, it gives companies the opportunity to get to know their customers and their needs better by analyzing them in depth, so as to be able to give companies the opportunity to implement the necessary precautions to keep their customers tied to them, increase their reputation and safeguarding its image, but above all responding to the needs of consumers who, every time they buy or pay for a subscribed service, place their trust in us.

But how to implement artificial intelligence within your company?

By choosing the BigProfiles Artificial Intelligence Platform, which allows you to analyze huge amounts of data in a very short time (even in real time!) to create predictive models capable of predicting the expected behavior of prospects, leads or customers.

All this, without having to make any organizational changes in order to implement it. The intuitive interface and ease of use of the platform, in fact, make it usable even by those who have no knowledge in terms of coding and data science, democratizing access to information and making it possible also for the management of operations and marketing of trace the most suitable strategies to achieve the goal quickly and quickly, always having the complete picture of the situation in front of you.

How does BigProfiles manage to extract all this information?

The operation of the BigProfiles platform is very simple, because to generate the predictive models all the data made available by the client companies are taken as input, such as personal data (such as gender, age, address), CRM data (such as products purchased, customer seniority , etc.) and of transactions and events (such as payments, usage and traffic data, customer communications, etc.).