Customer Care and Artificial Intelligence: the customer at the center

In today’s context, any success story in the business environment can only start from maintaining an idyllic relationship with its customers. The world has changed, the competition between companies has become decidedly tighter than in past years and customers are decidedly more informed, more selective, and more demanding than in the past. In this sense, customer care, personalized promotions for customers and targeted content are successful solutions to win them over.


The objective of customer care, in fact, is to offer value. It is not limited to the purchase, but by utilising the appropriate levers and a whole series of on-line and off-line tools which, in an appropriate way, allow for the development of an integrated and 360° customer care service.


One of these tools is Artificial Intelligence, which allows you to carry out a continuous analysis of your customer base capable of providing you with an overall picture of the customers’ situation.


We have already seen in this article how important AI can be in order to better set up customer service to sales strategies that offer new products and/or services capable of increasing sales and turnover.


But its impact is even more relevant in loyalty operations. We know it: Brand Loyalty is the preference that the final consumer grants to a specific brand over its competitors. In fact, some people become real fans of a brand and sometimes they fall in love to the point of not being able to do without it. When brand loyalty is at its maximum, a sort of positive and loyal attachment to a brand is created, a natural attraction that can lead to a real “love relationship”. On the contrary, if the starting reasons for one’s preference for the brand are not respected, the customer can easily decide to abandon the brand and opt for another one that reflects their way of being, their values ​​or their thoughts.


This is why Artificial Intelligence becomes fundamental in retention activities: since it makes it possible not only to analyse one’s own customer base to know which is the right product or service for each of them, but also their degree of satisfaction with the brand.


In this way it becomes possible for companies to make personalized offers, customer care services and personalized discounts for all those customers who have a higher level of dissatisfaction and who are more likely to leave the company in the future. In the same way, it also allows the company to know the perception of its work from the outside, thus being able to decide to adjust their direction.



But how is it possible to implement Artificial Intelligence within your company?


Using BigProfiles, an Artificial Intelligence Platform that is easy to use even without any knowledge in terms of coding. Thanks to it, it becomes possible to analyse the company’s customer base and assign a score to each profile within it, allowing you to sort them based on their probability of churn and set up the best strategies capable of keeping them loyal to the brand and responding best to their needs.


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