Discover how Armatis achieved its objectives by using BigProfiles

Leading international Business Process Outsourcing company in France with offices in Poland, Portugal and Tunisia. It handles Customer Relation for clients worldwide, from Europe to North America to Australia, in sectors such as Retail, Ecommerce, Tourism, Energy, Telecom, Banking, Insurance and Health.

The Client Needs

In the context of digital transition, the need to set up an innovative approach to sales is fundamental to companies like Armatis, requiring the research of solutions that are able to:

  • Implementing data driven strategies that are personalised to every single client;
  • Create campaigns with targeted sales;
  • Increase the revenue and profit from sales activities.

Solution Adopted

Thanks to the no-code interface of BigProfiles, the operations and marketing departments were able to implement Artificial Intelligence in the sales campaigns, increasing the company’s performance.


Conversion Rate in B2B
+ 0 %
Conversion Rate in B2C
+ 0 %
Sales to the segment with high propensity
+ 0 x

Results obtained by Armatis with BigProfiles

Thanks to the partnership with BigProfiles, Armatis was able to simply and quickly implement an innovative Artificial Intelligence solution into their processes that allowed them to:


  • Carry out a segmentation of the profiles that were more or less inclined towards purchasing through prioritisation, allowing them to present themselves as an ideal sales channel;


  • Adopt the right contact strategy for each client, identifying at what time and which channel to use;


  • Assign the operator best suited to each profile;


  • Defining Data Driven strategies, both on a managerial level and on the floor. 

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