Debtors are not all the same, some may repay “spontaneously”, while other more complex debtors, where a simple call is not enough to cause a person to pay off the debt, may require more attention. Quite often, especially referring to larger outstanding debts, in order to be able to finalise the recovery it is necessary to entrust the recovery to an operator with good experience who is able to manage the situation in the best possible way.


Currently, lists of debtors are divided and randomly assigned to operators, who take care of the contacts; in this way many of the complicated recoveries will end up with inexperienced operators, lowering the change of recovery.


Debt Collection companies need to obtain the most recoveries with the highest associated value in the shortest amount of time, which is why it is critically important to have the ability to thoroughly analyse debtors lists and know the propensity for recovery of each debt, and consequently, to set up the best strategy and achieve goals more easily.



How is it possible to know in advance the probability of recovery associated to each debt?


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, companies that carry out Phone Collection campaigns can analyse their lists of debtors and know in advance which debts are simpler and which are more complex to recover, along with their value in economic terms. In this way, companies are able to assign the simplest debts to new operators and more complex debts to experienced collectors, greatly increasing the recovery rate and decreasing the time it takes to reach goals.