Lead Scoring and Artificial Intelligence, how to maximise inbound sales

The modern market is very complex, today’s companies need to present themselves consistently to their consumers by maintaining integrated and coherent communication, both online and offline.

At the same time, they need to be visible to consumers, because the choice of a given product or service increasingly derives from a series of actions implemented first and foremost by potential customers, who inform themselves, study and ultimately opt, from among the various options they have considered, for the one that comes closest to their needs and requirements, both from an economic and a value point of view.

For this reason, modern companies must be able to understand consumers so that they can already provide them with all the answers they need. This necessarily passes through the company’s ‘touchpoints’, i.e. the website, social media, newsletter, physical shop and events, which for this reason must be taken into great consideration as they provide a wealth of information that, if used in the best possible way, can enable companies to proactively market themselves, increasing their influence and turnover.

In this sense, the fundamental process for any company is that of ‘lead scoring’, i.e. a process by which values, often in the form of numerical ‘points’, can be assigned to each lead generated for the company.

Leads can be scored in a variety of ways, such as through the professional information they provided or the way they interacted with the website or on social media. This process helps sales and marketing teams prioritise leads, respond appropriately and increase the rate at which leads are converted into customers.

How is it possible to analyse incoming leads without losing information about them?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to analyse incoming leads in a very short time and to be able to assign a score to each of them, which will then make it possible to classify them according to their interest in the product or service proposed by the company.
All this, starting from demographic information, online behaviour and the eventual engagement of each potential consumer with the company’s touchpoints.

By doing so, it is possible for the company to implement data-driven strategies capable of maximising the conversion opportunities of each incoming lead and allowing it to re-contact the customer most likely to buy or propose the right product to the best customer.

How can you implement artificial intelligence within your company?

With BigProfiles, which provides its customers with an easy and intuitive artificial intelligence platform capable of analysing very large amounts of data in a very short time, suitable for both industry experts and those with no knowledge of coding.

Thanks to it, the data scientist team, together with operations and marketing, will be able to predict the behaviour of their prospects or customers within their CRM and consequently set up models capable of plotting out the best possible strategy to achieve their acquisition goals, managing to increase sales by up to 66%, but also cross-selling, retention or debt collection.

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