A Blue Stamp for Value Call Centres? A legislative proposal by Assocontact

Blue Seal for Contact Centers as a guarantee for clients


This is the bill proposed by the president of AssoContact, Lelio Borgherese. After the umpteenth discovery of a contact center inside a garage and in completely denigrating conditions for those who lend their work, AssoContact has proposed a bill focused on the Blue Seal, according to what we learn from the pages of the site of the association.


The Blue Seal represents a brand that would allow clients and consumers to quickly recognize serious, reliable and innovative companies. AssoContact is proceeding along this path “involving all the players in the sector – as stated by Borgherese – because the alliance between Institutions, Trade Unions, Companies, Trade Associations, Clients and Citizens is the only way to definitively change the face of our work “.


We at BigProfiles would like to add that a successful call center is not only dictated by the quantity of sales, but also by the quality of the service offered to its Clients and we cannot think that making people work in critical conditions generates the level of quality necessary for effectively promote your brand.


We believe in great BPOs; we provide them with a powerful tool and we like to think that this way we support their business and the people who work for them.





National Association of Contact Centres in Outsourcing – is an association aimed at fostering the promotion and development of the professional sector of Contact Centres for the provision of services to third parties.

The Association aims to represent and protect the companies and the employment values expressed by the sector in all relevant forums, presenting itself as a structure open to dialogue and constructive confrontation. It is therefore an authoritative point of reference for public institutions, the legislator and trade unions, to which it offers itself as a proactive interlocutor and inspiring subject for the formulation of agreements, understandings and protocols aimed, moreover, at optimising the contractual arrangements between member companies and their employees.

Assocontact website

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