Customer Care and Customer Service: the ace in the hole of sales

Customer Service and Customer Care are not only touchpoints by which we talk to the customer, but they can also become essential sales aids. With a direct line to the customer, their function of finding solutions, and providing a positive experience with the brand, these two company activities can in effect help create warm leads and set the stage for eventual up-selling or cross-selling actions if carried out in the right way.

The right message to the right person: the Customer Service that sells

For the modern consumer, personalized services are more important than ever. According to Epsilon research, on a panel of 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 64, 80 percent said they are more willing to buy when they receive an offer customized to their needs. When Customer Service offers him something that fully reflects his needs of the moment, that phone call is no longer seen as a sale but as a solution to a need.

Improving Lead Generation with the Right Touchpoints

Lead Generation is one of the most important processes aimed at guaranteeing the success of the business of any company. It develops in a whole series of touchpoints that the consumer touches on his journey towards the purchase of our product or service.

A Blue Stamp for Value Call Centres? A legislative proposal by Assocontact

This is the bill proposed by the president of AssoContact, Lelio Borgherese. After the umpteenth discovery of a contact center inside a garage and in completely denigrating conditions for those who lend their work, AssoContact has proposed a bill focused on the Blue Seal, according to what we learn from the pages of the site of the association.