Operative Costs
- 0 %

Increase of conversion rates and reduce operative costs

Cut uneconomic segments

By analyzing lists with BigProfiles you can identify list segments with an extremely low purchase probability, by doing so you can exclude them from the campaign


Sales increase

Prioritize inbound leads

Analyzing your inbound leads with BigProfiles you can identify in real time the probability of purchase of each lead.


Conversion Rate
+ 0 %
+ 0 %

Sales increase and reduce of operative costs

Identify the most targeted contacts

After the Artificial Intelligence of BigProfiles is trained, you can analyze the contacts present in a database or a CRM in order to identify those most likely to purchase a specific product

Increase sales and the moral of the operators

Assign the best contacts to the best performing agents

By identifying the prospects with the greatest propensity to buy, it is possible to dynamically manage the assignment of contacts, improving the morale of the operators

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