Improve acquisition strategies thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Investing in an effective customer acquisition strategy is critical for modern businesses. Immersed in a highly competitive market, in which the speed of analysis and adaptation dictates their chances of growth or decline, each of them must be prepared to face and overcome the problems resulting from market changes or, even better, try to anticipate them.

Companies today must therefore have a proactive attitude towards the market, which starts from an in-depth study of the new consumers and, in particular, of their target market.

To do this, companies must, by necessity, invest in data analysis. The society in which we live, so deeply interconnected, creates infinite quantities of data and information that must be used by companies to understand the world around them. In this way, the data becomes a window into their reference market which, if observed from the right perspective, allows companies to set up the best strategies to be able to present themselves, whether through inbound or outbound interactions, to their prospects and customers as the answer to their needs.

How is it possible to correctly analyse the huge amount of data and, above all, be able to make it usable by companies?

Just as every new lock has a thief who studies how to open it, in the ever-changing world new ways of understanding data continue to develop. In this case, it becomes possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence, a highly advanced technological tool that allows you to revolutionise the company’s presence within its market by being able to analyse almost infinite quantities of data and make them easily understandable for anyone in your company.

But how does it work in detail?

If we were to set up an acquisition strategy, we would have a fundamental difference depending on whether we were using artificial intelligence or not. Let’s see some examples below.

Firstly, thanks to artificial intelligence it is possible to minimise the risk when choosing the ideal market to attack. Through a preventive analysis of the information available, it is possible to draw up a study of those markets that best suits the company’s strengths and where there are synergies capable of producing greater returns. In this way it is possible to eliminate the often distorted perception that derives from new trends and areas of interest that develop over time.

By doing so, it is possible to find the right market for launching the right product. This is because, at the same time, it is possible to understand, in advance, what the needs of potential customers are, in order to propose the company as their ideal solution by designing a product based on their needs, without having to waste precious time in modifying and adapting it later.

Secondly, the use of artificial intelligence to analyse our business and the reference market also allows us to understand which is the best sales channel. Telephone, email, social media, website; each of them has specific characteristics that adapt differently to the needs of consumers. Depending on the target we are referring to, in fact, it may be necessary to adopt different approaches, different channels, or even differentiating your contact offer.

Finally, artificial intelligence provides a high level of control and monitoring, so that you can observe the results step by step but with in-depth insight. By doing so, it is possible to quickly address the problems that should arise and to identify a solution to resolve them in an equally short time.

How can you implement artificial intelligence within your company?

With BigProfiles, which provides its customers with an easy and intuitive artificial intelligence platform capable of analysing very large quantities of data in a very short time, suitable for both data experts and those with no knowledge of coding.

Thanks to it, the team of data scientists, together with operations and marketing, will have the possibility to predict the behaviours of their prospects or customers within their CRM and consequently set models capable of tracing the best possible strategy to succeed to achieve their acquisition objectives, managing to increase sales by up to 66% (see the success case with Intelcia), but also cross-selling, retention or debt collection.

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