Five steps to level up your Cold Outbound campaigns

Despite being one of the few ways for companies to be known from potential customers, Cold Outbound Campaigns  posses some characteristics that can turn out to be harmful. In fact, if its true that their massive volumes make it possible to reach an incredible amount of contacts, the cost investment results elevated and results in terms of ROI and Conversion Rates very low.


An additional problem regarding this type of campaigns is the deterioration of the brand image perceived by the lead who is being called, that in most cases, doesn’t enjoy being contacted.


Here are 5 key points to improve your Outbound on cold list campaigns:


1, Giving importance to the human factor.

The World is constantly changing and it is easy to see how new technologies are taking more and more space in our lives. For this reason it is extremely important to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, not only to improve the results of our campaigns, but also to improve the quality of the work done by employees, since this is essential in order to reach a perfect harmony able to always fulfil the needs of consumers, always demanding for more.


2. Prioritizing contacts according to their probability of purchase.

All contacts contained in a contact list are different: we can find people extremely receptive to the product/service we are selling, but also prospects that wouldn’t want to be contacted in the first place, wasting our operator’s time.

Prioritizing prospects with a higher probability of purchase will not only result in the increase of sales, conversion rates and gross margin, but also in reaching target goals quicker.


3. Reduce pressure on the market.

Contacting only those who are truly interested in our product/service is fundamental if we don’t want to jeopardize the perception of our brand by the potential customers that we are reaching, since the perpetual contact of prospects who are not interested can truly harm the business brand identity.

Moreover, by only contacting leads who are interested, not only the perception of the business will be protected, but it will also be possible to improve the ROI by increasing sales and conversion rates of campaigns.


4. Segmentation of lists to offer the right product to the right prospect.

It may sound obvious, but many BPOs nowadays still contact in bulk all prospects in the same way without taking into consideration any characteristic of the customer.


5. Invest in Technology as well as in Automation.

We know that technology can make our life a lot easier and Automation is an example of it. When trying to improve our user experience or when trying to improve the performance of our campaigns, Artificial Intelligence can be our best ally: thanks to the implementation of AI in fact, it is possible to better understand our prospects, provide them the best product/service and improve the overall performance of our campaigns.


We know that following these 5 steps can be hard, especially when working on cold outbound campaigns where we don’t have many information or data on individual contacts, and this is exactly where data enrichment and machine learning algorithms come into play.


With BigProfiles, the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for Telesales, it is possible to enrich lists of prospects with more than 650 statistical indicators that will result in dept information regarding each prospect of the list. This will make it possible to implement the strategy that best fulfills the company’s goals.