The modern energy and utilities sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The end from the pandemic crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian war, with the consequent economic repercussions, require a rethinking of logic and a decisive turn towards a change that has been feared for many years and which today becomes more necessary than ever.


In particular, Utility companies will have to focus on digitization through the use of new technologies that are able to ferry them into the future, such as Artificial Intelligence.


In this context, AI becomes fundamental because it allows the definition of ad hoc sales strategies and the maintenance of the brand relationship with its customers, which always constitutes the most valuable asset for a company and which, combined with a brand name strongly recognized by the market, represents the keystone for any company that wants to position itself at the top of its reference market.



In particular, the use of Artificial Intelligence within telephone sales campaigns, which still represents the best choice for being able to obtain optimal results in terms of sales without losing direct contact with the consumer, will allow Utilities to expand the range of applicable strategies capable of bringing benefits, such as:



  • Propose the right product to each customer, current or potential;


  • Providing a service that is always punctual and efficient to customers who contact Customer Service.


Not only an increase in sales and revenues, but a series of activities and strategies aimed at improving the experience with the brand, capable of inserting the customer, current and potential, within a well-oiled mechanism in which they are always at the center.


How is it possible to implement Artificial Intelligence within your company?


Thanks to BigProfiles, the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for Telesales, it is possible to set up data driven strategies capable of allowing Utilities to easily reach their sales objectives without risking damaging their brand image or giving up the possibility of providing the best possible service to their customers.