The future of outbound campaigns using cold lead lists thanks to AI

Cold outbound campaigns represent one of the best ways a company can present its products to potential customers.


BPOs that typically implement these kinds of campaigns on behalf of client companies, in addition to achieving the established sales goals, need to streamline the operations of their staff in order to beat their competition and increase their earnings. 


Usually, the distribution of the contacts to the operators in the BPO is assigned randomly, which makes it more difficult for the implementation of the strategies that can reduce costs without affecting the ROI.

In this situation, the achievement, or not, of the sales target within the time established with the client, depends mostly on the luck of being able to get in touch with contacts who are really interested in the product and on the skill of the operators.


When this doesn’t happen, we end up wasting time and resources on targets that are already wrong from the start, compromising the achievement of the objectives.


The best solution would be to know in advance, before proceeding with the contact, the purchase probability of each subject on the list, allowing the manager of the BPO to cut out the part of the list that is not interested in purchasing and proceed with the processing of the remaining contacts, so as to increase conversion rates and simultaneously reduce costs.


How is it possible to predict the probability of purchase for each contact on the list?


Thanks to BigProfiles, the first Artificial Intelligence Platform for Telesales, it is possible to analyse the data of the list provided by the client and predict the purchase probability of each contact. In this way it is possible to put in practice the data-driven strategy to achieve sales objectives easily.