The relationship between a company and its customers have now taken on an increasingly central dimension in business strategies: feedback and consumer opinions are fundamental and can affect the reputation and brand image of any company, from the largest to the smallest.


This is even more important in outsourcing sales campaigns, i.e. those entrusted by a client to one or more BPOs. In these cases it is difficult for the client to be able to maintain control over the pressure that these campaigns have on the market, with the risk of creating a boomerang effect for brand image and reputation.


Currently in these campaigns all the contacts on the list are called (often several times in a short time) operating a considerable pressure on the market, with the intention of obtaining greater results in terms of sales.


Repeated contact on prospects who are not interested in buying a product or service will not only have no contribution to increasing conversion rates, but can potentially damage the image and reputation of the brand.


To overcome this problem, it is necessary to analyze the lists bought or extracted from your database; to know the purchase probability of each contact. Once you have a list based on purchase probability, you can assign work practices to the best part of the list.



Using this process means that significantly fewer phone calls will need to be made, reducing the costs of each campaign and the pressure on the market that is generated by the company, while maintaining a  constant number of sales.




Thanks to BigProfiles, the first Artificial Intelligence Platform to analyze the lists to predict the probability of purchase of each individual contact present in them, so as to call only the contacts really interested in our product.