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CRM and Artificial Intelligence: the winning combination for a future at the top of the market

Every modern company needs to adopt an increasingly customer centric approach, capable of listening to the needs and desires of consumers and considering their continuous evolution to respond proactively, thus ensuring the stability of its business. This becomes possible by offering a high-level customer experience capable of ensuring various advantages in both the short and long term. Customers who are satisfied with the products, purchase experience and after-sales service are loyal to the brand, a feature that will lead them to buy again and recommend the product to friends and relatives, as well as leave excellent feedback.

Artificial Intelligence and Phone Collection: assigning the best agents to the most complex practices

Debt collection campaigns can be very complicated to manage and the companies that manage them must take into account numerous variables in order to achieve their objectives, such as the propensity of a debtor to repay their debt and the economic value that has to be recovered. Currently, the processing method used by most companies dealing with Debt Collection consists of randomly assigning the contacts present in the lists to the operators, without performing any prior analysis on them.