Within many Phone Collection campaigns, there are important segments of debtors present that can be defined with the word “spontaneous”, that is: those profiles that will repay the debt without the need to contact and push them to do so.


Among these we can find those who have simply forgotten that they had an overdue bill or who are waiting for a late salary in order to settle the monthly payment.


Being able to identify this segment, before proceeding with processing the list of debtors’ positions, can make a difference for any debt recovery company that deals with Phone Collection, since it allows for a significant reduction in the number of calls that need to be made in the campaign.


By concentrating the operators exclusively on those practices that actually need to be contacted, it is possible to optimize time and resources, but above all the results.


Knowing the percentage of spontaneous debtors within your list and the profiles that make up this segment of special debtors, therefore becomes a significant competitive advantage for companies that can increase their profit by reducing the operating costs of Phone Collection.



Today, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, allow us to carry out a general analysis of the history of Debt Collection campaigns and derive the common characteristics of subjects inclined to spontaneous repayment. By also analysing the profiles of those who are not inclined to spontaneous repay their debt, it makes it possible for a company that deals with debt recovery to eliminate the “spontaneous” ones from the processing list and concentrate on the other profiles with the highest expected value or simply those most likely to pay their own debt, assigning each time the best operator for each individual case.


What happens with the Spontaneous Debtors removed from the processing list?


Most of them repay their debt spontaneously, constituting a profit that did not require any operational costs for the contact, the remaining portion of the list is put back into processing several days after the campaign has started and can be recovered together with the standard practices.


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