Acquiring a warm contact from lead generation campaigns (whether they are DEM, digital advertising or online comparators) has a high cost and can be complicated to manage, as we have seen in this article, but once obtained, companies have a great opportunity to succeed at closing sales.


Each contact in a hot list represents a potential sale, but to ensure that their probability of conversion remains high, the request must necessarily be managed quickly. This is even more important at peak times, such as when traffic is high or on days when the workforce is low. In these situations, leads can accumulate in long waiting or recontact queues and the risk is that the profiles most likely to buy end up “cooling down” while the operators have sales conversations with those who are less interested.


How to solve this problem?


Let’s look at an example: a large company in the BPO sector manages an outbound campaign using hot lists for a client in the insurance sector. Its goal is to have leads collected through the client’s website activate a vehicle insurance policy.

The management and re-contact of incoming leads by the BPO is carried out according to the FIFO logic (First In First Out), which does not take into consideration the probability of purchase, but only the moment in which the contact request is made. In doing so, the BPO risks investing time and resources on contacts that are more difficult to convert while the most interested profiles could cool off waiting to be called.


Several studies have shown that lead interest decreases by 21 times if more than 5 minutes pass from the contact request. For this reason, it is necessary to make the most of the potential of each incoming lead and it is necessary for the BPO to make a change of method by implementing strategies that are able to analyse in real time the incoming callers who actually have a high propensity to purchase. In this way it will be possible to deal with the queue by following the propensity order of each profile and the leads with a high probability of purchase can be processed with priority and funnelled towards the operators with the best sales performance.



But how can you know in real time which customers are most inclined to buy?


Thanks to BigProfiles and its Artificial Intelligence Platform, it is possible to study each incoming lead in real time and assign them a score based on the probability of purchase. In this way, the BPO has the possibility to set up strategies capable of maximizing sales opportunities and reaching its objectives more easily and quickly.


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