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Predict customers behaviour Predict purchases, churn, cross-selling, debt repayments and much more with Artificial Intelligence. How it works The power of automatic machine learning Train a predictive model just by plugging in your CRM Whether it’s purchase or churn, each behaviour you want to predict needs its own predictive model. By connecting your CRM, BigProfiles […]

How Artificial Intelligence allows for the optimization of debt collection services of banking and insurance companies

The current economic and commercial instability is playing an increasingly important role in the world of debt collection, with particular reference to companies in the banking and insurance sector.During the pandemic crisis, both of these sectors provided the necessary liquidity to companies to relaunch themselves, but now, with the challenges arising from the increasingly uncertain geopolitical and economic situation, they must be prepared to face the growing difficulties that are arising as a result of the struggles of individuals and companies to pay their debts.

Telco and Debt Collection: how to best implement it in 2023

The Telco sector is no exception and, although it has been able to find some benefit in the need to rethink work-life with a view to a greater digital presence and smart-working, was faced with new challenges related to the economic crisis and the increasing competitiveness in the market. All this has resulted from the rapid birth of new competitors who have given rise to a real price war, in which every company needs to continuously rethink their strategies in order to maintain their acquired market share without losing service quality.

Artificial Intelligence and Debt Recovery: Value Based Predictive Models

Any company that deals with debt recovery needs to know in-depth the positions that make up the list of debtors and the recoverable values associated with it, in order to be able to set up strategies that allow it to achieve the pre-set objectives in the shortest possible time. and with the best possible result.

Artificial Intelligence in the industry of Debt Collection

Other sectors still use less innovative tools to proceed with their activities and certainly among these we find the credit recovery sector. For those who work in Credit Management it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of their loan portfolio, only in this way will they be able to identify the correct actions to be taken, optimizing resources and recovery times.