Staff shortages and declining sales, the growing negative feeling in the population towards the brand that continues its contact activity, are the major problems of telesales in the time of the Coronavirus.


We have already talked about how the drastic reduction in staff due to the current pandemic has affected contact centres and all those locations where telesales operators work. Where there used to be three operators, suddenly only one person can work.


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Telesales: facing a sales campaign these days and the big risks for the brand



In this situation another huge problem that could affect the sales of any company is the negative perception that the end consumer may have of the brand.


We know that aversion to a particular company can develop regardless of the coronavirus, but at a time when people may not be willing to engage in commercial communication with an operator, the risk of ruining a brand’s reputation is much greater.


Normally, a person who is unwilling to buy a product or to buy it over the telephone receives a commercial phone call, greets the operator and puts down the phone, continuing what he was doing before the conversation. In this particular historical moment, what can happen is that the service/product does not interest the user and that a negative perception of the brand is created.


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The consequences of an inadequate sales campaign at the time of the Coronavirus



After the probably abrupt termination of the call, the contacted user might go so far as to use online sharing platforms such as social networks or review sites (e.g. buycott) to present their negative views.


This would generate a stream of negative opinions, originating from a very normal activity but performed at a particular time without due care. The resulting negative perception of the brand leads inexorably to users turning away from the product and not buying it again in the future.


Just think that the daily newspaper ‘ottopagine. it’ just a few days ago wrote: a Sanniti lawyer, Arturo Mongillo, from Santagatese and for years at the top of the Benevento Bar Association, wrote a letter to the president of the regional council, Vincenzo De Luca, to warn him and make him aware of ‘a problem that […] many people are reporting, […] that is, with people staying at home, the calls from the call centres have multiplied: One time it’s the phone offer, the next they want to sell you wine, and then they invite you to trade, and then electricity and gas. In short, it’s a real aggression on the phone, especially towards older people’*.


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Is it possible to build a telesales campaign that does not run these risks in the time of the Coronavirus?


The answer to this question is: yes!


In order to minimise the risk of negative repercussions it is more necessary than ever to target a segment of the public that is likely to buy, so that the operator can contact each potential customer and offer them the product/service they are really interested in.


Companies that target large audiences have a CRM rich in information, often this information is extremely useful in assessing many aspects of the consumer, including the propensity to buy of each individual user.


With the BigProfiles AI Platform, each Sales Director can independently identify the segments of their audience most likely to buy and thus activate campaigns only on those who are particularly interested in the product.


As well as being cost-effective in terms of sales efficiency, this activity will increase the strength of your brand, as a user who makes a purchase they are happy with will share the positive experience with their friends and family.


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Il teleselling al tempo del coronavirus