Find and eliminate your company’s hidden costs with Artificial Intelligence

Identifying and reducing unforeseen costs through the implementation of new strategies, processes and technologies has become crucial in customer experience transformation processes. In a context of accelerated digitisation by all market players, leading to changes in consumer behaviour and business models, it is increasingly common for unforeseen costs to emerge in customer experience management.

These costs may go unnoticed by CX leaders, CMOs, CFOs, CEOs and others involved in improving the customer experience as a key strategy for business growth.

While unforeseen costs related to customer acquisition, retention or churn are often studied, estimating the costs of training staff to deliver better customer experiences when there are no clear strategies or precise data on how to approach them often goes unnoticed.

The same applies to the calculation of a customer’s dissatisfaction when interacting with an automated chatbot.

How can one accurately calculate the reputation and image costs that can result from negative comments on social media?

So far, there is no specific way to estimate business losses due to unexpected costs associated with the customer experience. This estimate may vary significantly depending on the size and sector of the company, the average value of the sale of its products or services, or the extent of customer dissatisfaction and influence it may have.

When it comes to unexpected costs related to customer experience, one of the most significant issues today is to prevent the escalation of dissatisfaction and address it in a timely manner, and the best way to do this is to rely on innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

In this context, adopting a holistic approach that leverages data through the use of artificial intelligence to prevent customer churn, generate differentiated experiences and personalise strategies, allows us to visualise and measure the hidden costs that a company may face in its customer experience transformation processes.

How to implement artificial intelligence within your organisation?

By relying on BigProfiles, it is possible to equip your company with intuitive and easy-to-use software, both for the more technical departments such as data scientists and the less coding-savvy departments such as Marketing and Sales.

Thanks to the BigProfiles Artificial Intelligence Platform, companies are able to analyse huge amounts of data in a very short time and predict customer behaviour in their CRM in order to proactively take action to personalise the experience of each of their customers as much as possible, thus avoiding unpleasant situations that could lead to a deterioration in the company’s image.

In fact, BigProfiles was created with the objective of assisting companies in their journey towards knowledge of their market and their customers, allowing the people who make it up, followed by a team of experts, to develop analyses and strategies in a simple, fast and secure manner, thanks to the possibility of installation on their own servers, and without ever losing human contact.

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